“I hate the Stones and I hate blues”

Despite the fact that I can only truthfully go along with 50% of the actual statement, if there’s been a better opening lyric line then I’d very much like to hear it.

Additionally, it takes its inspiration from the occult classic “Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep” by Middle of the Road which was #1 in the UK for about 3 years in the early 70s, causing me severe neurological damage in the process. But I’ve forgiven it and as such can enjoy Denim’s sublime offering of musical misanthropy for the gem it is. Case you didn’t know, it’s Lawrence out of Felt & chums.  Perfect period piece “oo-ee-oo” backing vocals, squiggly synth, not many chords, glitterstompf & a surgical lyrical dismemberment of the “you have to own at least one record by and/or see (insert name of cruddy supergroup here) live at least once” school of thought.  All in all, a most satisfying art object. 

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