C is for….


Go here for more: http://www.rebsig.com/capybara/  Videos! T-shirts! Earrings already!

If I had a time machine I’d go back to July 1968, spend 3-4 years acquiring proficiency on a few instruments (Lowrey organ/Hohner Pianet/Mellotron 400/VCS3/tone generator) and then form a keyboard-dominated prog-rock band named Capybara, using this photo as the front cover for our eponymous debut which would appear either on Vertigo (swirl, natch) or RCA’s Neon imprint (four tracks, one taking up the whole of side 2).  We’d do a tour with The Sensational Alex Harvey Band (incurring the wrath of their thuggish hardcore support) then split up owing to musical differences and the fact that our LP sold less than Ben’s. I’d become a session musician (but of course) and the others would roadie for Ducks Deluxe. Many years later, our name would appear in the lyrics to Go-Kart Mozart’s “Fuzzy Duck” from their “Tearing up the album chart” release (of which more another time), the out-takes from the 1st LP and the handful of tracks originally planned for our never-released sophomore effort “Capybara 2” would come out on CD via Voiceprint and public demand would dictate we reformed (with me as the only original member) for a mini-tour of the Peak District with Gnidrolog and Tractor.  Then I could die happy.

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