The square root of rock

Momentarily letting it slip his mind that I only listen to music made at least 400000000000000000000000000 years ago a young friend recently sent me a copy of this

by them

describing it as “math-rock”.

Now whatever can he have meant by that?                                          

After giving it considerable thought, I concluded that it was so named because

a) it is hard

b) you do it on the bus because you were too busy the night before with one thing and another   

c) if you don’t understand it you get a ‘D’ cap on your head and a ruler ‘cross the knuckles.

Having said that, I like it a lot. And when you bear in mind the lad with the guitar on the right is the fruit of the loins of this estimable chap

then it all begins to fall into place.

Cheers Rhods.

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  1. Yes, I don’t care for the term ‘math-rock’ much… I don’t care for any musical genre name particularly, especially if it consists of more than one word… but Battles is close to defying categorisation.

    Anyways, glad you like it! Also worthy of note is the stupid height of drummer John Stanier’s crash cymbal:

  2. Oops. My code didn’t work… but the picture is here:

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