G is for…

…one of my favourite creatures!

How could anyone not be excited upon discovering there was a real animal called a Gila MONSTER?

Mind you, this was nothing compared to when I found out the Cotswold Wildlife Park, fairly close to where I used to live, actually had one of these lads (in an enclosure in the restaurant!) If we’d had the money I would have adopted him. But he was always first on my list to visit when we went there.

Can you blame me? Isn’t he simply darling? Here’s a lowdown:


Mmm, must take a peek at The Gila Monster and Its Allies… and while we’re in that vein, the Gila Monster is also responsible for inspiring a truly inspiring film:

An American acquaintance kindly procured me a DVD of this art object. Words still fail me. C’mon everybody, let’s all do “The Gila Monster Crawl“! Oh, all right then, be that way.

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